Quality and Craftsmanship

Many ideas and philosophies went into the way Sowle Ceramics manages and accomplishes our quality and craftsmanship. We’ve broken our philosophy into four categories, but we focus on these points as one goal.

Employment and experience:

You can’t offer and achieve quality results unless you have the experienced team to do so. Three out of our four technicians have 20 years' experience or more. We encourage continuing education, seminars, and hands-on courses to keep them updated on the latest trends and techniques. We offer a professional and comfortable atmosphere for the team to consistently produce beautiful, quality work. Our technicians are all on salary, rather than the piece rate system; this encourages quality rather than quantity. We have a top-notch nucleus of talent that we are very proud of.

Quality control:

This may be the most important aspect of quality and craftsmanship. We thoroughly and consistently do a step-by-step quality control procedure on each and every restoration. Locating and fixing any discrepancy before it reaches your dental office is our goal. Delivering a perfect-fitting, esthetic restoration is the outcome.

Materials, equipment and tools:

Sowle Ceramics spent a lot of time experimenting with many types of materials, porcelains, and instruments until we found the perfect combination for function, form, and esthetics. We do not compromise when it comes to the highest quality and best products when fabricating our restorations.

Laboratory design and atmosphere:

Having the proper lab design and atmosphere is essential for producing quality work on a daily basis. Laboratory layout, lighting, ergonomic design, and attitude make up the necessary elements for creating beautiful work.